Initiated by the Lithuanian Kennel Club, the Dog Day in Lithuania is celebrated since 24 April 2016.

Through celebration of the Dog day the Lithuanian Kennel Club aims to raise awareness of the social status of dogs in the society and to show how important man’s best friend is in human life, to highlight the best qualities of dogs and their inborn nature to be beside people and to help people. The day highlights warm values and selflessness – just what dogs bring to people every day saving their lives, keeping them safe, helping the blind and disabled and bringing more comfort to our lives. The day fosters animal welfare issues and emphasize responsible ownership, show gratitude to dogs for all good things they do for people and call for more tolerance to them in the society.

Since 2007 on the same day – 24 April – the National Dog Day is celebrated in Finland.

Themes of the Dog Day

2021 – A Good Life With a Dog

2020 – Travelling together

2019 – Spending Time Together

2018 – Dog Training: Mutual Respect and Cooperation

2017 – Dogs in the Office

2016 – Social Dog in the City